Legal Documents

Decision of establishment: No. 139/2004/QĐ-BCN dated November 22,2004 of Ministry of Industry reference to the change of Building Materials & Construction No.5 Company to Construction Investment No.5 Joint Stock Company.

Certificate of Registration:

Authorised capital: vnd

No. 0302156370 issued first time on July 01, 2005, by Ho Chi Minh City Investment Planning Department.


  • Construction consultant for industrial and civil projects.
  • Construct industrial and civil projects: mechanical factories, electricity, electronic, telecom, chemicals, fertilizer; manufacturer of otherindustrial products & consumer goods, hospital projects, residence buildings, schools, cultural center, sport center and commercial center, pharmaceutical factory, foods etc..
  • Construct technology infrastructure projects: traffic structures, urban areas and industrial zones, water supply system, water treatment system, ground leveling…
  • Construct transmission line system and power station.
  • Installation technology equipment, electricity-water system, measurement, automation, fire protection.
  • Construction of traffic project (road).
  • Construction of agricultural and rural development projects
  • Industrial production: produce steel structure, mechanical products as pipes and tanks.
  • Mining and production of construction stones of all kinds.
  • Mining manufacturing and construction, block bricks, ceramics, carbide, acetylene gas.
  • Bottling and sales of liquefied petroleum gas.

Other business:

  • Sales of building materials, materials, equipment in construction industry.
  • Housing business service, real estate broker.

Administrative Council

1. Ngoc Chu TuanChairman of Administrative council.
2. Khuong Nguyen VanMember of Administrative council.
3. Minh Tran ThiMember of Administrative council.
4. Hien Nguyen VanMember of Administrative council.
5. Hai Nguyen HongMember of Administrative council.

Board of Supervisor

1. Duc Cuong NgoSupervisory Board
2. Tuan Anh HoangMember of Supervisory Board
3. Ngoc Phung Luong Thi Member of Supervisory Board

Board of Director

1. Danh Tuyen PhamCompany Director
2. Manh Hung VuVice Company Director